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Star of the
                                    Sea Window, designed and made by Pat
Our Lady, Star of the Sea. Stained glass window

This window was commissioned in 1998 by the family of Pat Price, the Muldoon family, in the United States of America. in honour of the silver jubilee of the church building. It was designed and made by Californian artist Pat McCoy and depicts Our Lady and the Child Jesus looking down over Tobermory. The hand of the Child is raised high in blessing, and the light of a golden star covers land and sea.
This beautiful window was dedicated by Archbishop Keith O’Brien of Edinburgh and St Andrews, along with Fr. S MacAulay, the Cathedral administrator on the last Sunday of June,1998.
There is a folder in church, showing each stage of the window's progress in construction.

Hail, Queen of Heaven

     Hail, Queen of heav'n, the ocean star, 
     guide of the wand'rer here below: 
     thrown on life's surge, we claim thy care; 
     save us from peril and from woe. 
     Mother of Christ,star of the sea,
     pray for the wanderer,pray for me.

     O gentle, chaste and spotless maid,
     we sinners make our prayers through thee;
     remind thy son that he has paid
     the price of our iniquity. 
     Virgin most pure,star of the sea, 
     pray for the sinner, pray for me.

     Sojourners in this vale of tears,
     to thee,blest advocate,we cry;
     pity our sorrows,calm our fears,
     and sooth with hope our misery.
     Refuge in grief, star of the sea,
     pray for the mourner, pray for me.

     And while to him who reigns above,
     in Godhead One, in Persons Three,
     the source of life, of grace, of love,
     homage we pay on bended knee,
     do thou, bright Queen, star of the sea,
     pray for the children, pray for me.

John Lingard ( 1771-1851 )

                                    of Our Lady

The statue of Our Lady was given to the church when it was first opened, by Dr Margaret Salmond of Aros Bridge. She treasured it in her garden for many years but it came from France originally and is very old.The stone has suffered a little from attempts  to clean it, but that adds to its individuality and charm. Dr Salmond was an eminent gynaecologist,practising in the Women's Hospital in London.Born Elaine Margaret Katherine Salmond on 20th January 1897,she died on 11th July 1982 and is buried in Gruline churchyard.When Dr Salmond became a Catholic, she resigned her position at the hospital where her pioneering work in contraception and performing of abortions was incompatable with her faith.

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