Judith Spellman
18-07-1942 ó 30-04-2016
Rest  In  Peace
Your heart is a safe harbour
A promise to Nana
Your heart is a safe harbour

The young donít anticipate
the taste of fresh bread;
or the shape it takes
in the long hour of rising.
They donít stop to inhale the promise
or the warm presence of comfort.

So preoccupied with minutes, 
the young donít notice
the passing of years
for when years have passed,
the young are gone
from all but that protected place;

Your heart 
is a safe harbour
for all that we might be.
A place of belief, 
of trust in us.
A place where we are always 
young enough.

You donít count minutes
or the years going by.
You always have more warmth,
and more time.
So that no matter our setbacks,
we will rise.
Never diminished,
we will rise.

The young donít realise
that hours spent kneading
will shape memories
of the short years of growth.
They donít stop to feel the softness
or the forgiving nature of dough.

So absorbed in the moment,
the young donít notice
the rainfall outside,
and when years have passed
the rain will have dried
but our youth is preserved;

Your heart 
was a safe harbour
for all we might be.
A place of belief, 
of trust in us.
A place where we were always 
young enough.

So weíll cherish the minutes
and the years of your life,
by being everything that we were
in your eyes.
We will fulfil
your unconditional pride,
and thanks to your love,
we will rise.

                                    Louise Fellows

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